• What should I wear?

    Our congregation is made up of all ages. Some wear their “Sunday best”,  others prefer something more casual. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. You’ll be welcome no matter what you choose to wear.

  • Do I need a Bible?

    If you have a Bible at home that’s great, bring it with you. If not, you can use one of the Bibles found in each of our pews, or follow along using your smartphone or tablet.

  • Where can I park?

    We have a spacious car park on the church grounds which you can use. It has over 100 parking spaces including extra-wide spaces for those with mobility issues.

  • Where do I sit?

    You’ll have to choose if you want to sit upstairs or downstairs, but other than that you’re free to sit in any pew you like. Our regular attenders are creatures of habit and gravitate towards the same seats, but we don’t have reserved seating.

  • Can I bring young children?

    Absolutely. We have a creche available for babies and toddlers up to two years old.

    Our church service includes a children’s address with a Bible message prepared specifically for younger listeners, followed by a children’s song.

    During the sermon, children from three to seven years old can attend our Good News Club for singing, memory verses, quizzes and colouring in.

    For older children, we have activity sheets available to help them follow along with the sermon.

  • What happens during a church service?

    The service usually begins with announcements being read from the pulpit. These highlight the week ahead in our organisations as well upcoming events in the wider church.

    There are several prayers throughout the service, during which the congregation will bow their heads and close their eyes.

    Congregational Signing
    At several points in the service, the congregation will stand to sing. The words for each song are projected onto the front wall, but hymn books are available in the pews if needed.

    Bible Readings
    Any Bible readings will be announced and read from the pulpit. You can simply listen to the reading or follow along in the Bible. Don’t worry if you can’t find the passage, we also announce the page number to look up in the pew Bibles.

    Children’s Address
    During the service, the minister will invite the children to join him at the front of the building for a short Bible message prepared especially for younger listeners, followed by a children’s song. After this, children from three to seven years old can go across to the church hall for our Good News Club.

    There is a collection during the service, allowing our regular attenders to present their financial offerings to God. If you are visiting or have no money to give don’t worry, just let the collection plate pass you by.

    The sermon is based on one of the Bible passages read during the service and typically lasts half an hour. When available our welcome team will give you sermon notes on your way in, which outline the main points of the sermon and help you follow along. These notes are also projected onto the front wall.

    After the sermon, we sing one final song and remain standing for the closing prayer (known as the benediction). So remember not to sit down until the minister says “Amen”.