2010 Archive


26th December 12.00 noon "The baby Jesus at the Temple" Luke 2v21-40

25th December Christmas Day Service

19th December 12.00 noon Sunday School Service

12th December 6.15pm "John's birth: The Lord is gracious"" Luke 1v57-66

12th December 12.00 noon "Lukeing to Christmas" Luke 1:

5th December 12.00 noon "Lukeing to Christmas" Luke 1


28th November 12.00 noon

21st November 12.00 noon

14th November 12.00 noon

7th November 12.00 noon

1st November 8.00pm Rev. Dr Ivan McKay


31st October 6.15pm

31st October 12.00 noon

24th October 12.00 noon "The Fall" Part3

17th October 12.00 noon "The Fall " Part2 Genesis 3v6-13

10th October 12.00 noon "The Fall" Part1 Genesis 3v1-7

3rd October 12.00 noon "God's plan for Marriage" Genesis 2v18-25


26th September 12.00 noon "Big Questions for Church Members" Acts 2v1-47 (Baptism & Communion)

19th September 6.15 pm "No Other Gospel" Galations 1v6-10

19th September 12.00 noon "The Harmony Man Experienced" Genesis 2v4-25

12th September 12.00 noon "The God of Creation" Genesis 1v1:2v3

5th September 12.00 noon "Faith in Creation or Faith in Evolution?"; Genesis 1v1:2v3


29th August 6.15pm Rev. Victor Patterson (Retired); Acts 12 "Prayer- first or last resort?"

29th August 12.00 noon Mr Jonathan Reid (1st Ahoghill); Judges 2

22nd August 12.00 noon Liam McFetridge(Elder); Romans 10:1-13

15th August 12.00 noon "Learning to die well" Acts 6 v7-8;v60

8th August 6.15pm "The Second Coming of Christ" Matthew 24:1-52

8th August 12.00 noon " Heaven: The Judgement & Rewards" Matthew 25:31-46

1st August 12.00 noon "Heaven: The Resurrection Body" 1 Corinthians 15


25th July 12.00 noon "Heaven: The New Heaven and New Earth"

18th July 12.00 noon "Heaven: The Believer's Home"

11th July 6.15pm Nehemiah 13:15-31 "Faithful to Purity"  (District Orange Service) Sermon Notes

11th July 12.00 noon " Heaven: Gods' throne room" Sermon Notes

4th July 12.00 noon "Heaven: Can we believe in it?" 1 Cor 15 Sermon Notes


27th June 6.15pm "Faithful Ministers" Nehemiah 12 1-47 Sermon Notes

27th June 12.00 noon "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life" John 14v 1-31 Sermon Notes

20th June 12.00 noon " I AM the resurrection and the life" John 11v 1-44  Sermon Notes

13th June 12.00 noon MISSION DAY - Glenn Every-Clayton - The Beatitudes

6th June 6.15pm "I AM the good shepherd" Children's Day

6th June 12.00 noon " I AM the gate" Children's Day


30th May 12.00 noon " I AM the true vine" John 15 Sermon Notes

23rd May 12.00 noon "I AM the bread of Life" John 6v35

16th May 6.15pm Rev. Kenneth McConnell - Ordination of New Elders

16th May 12.00 noon "I AM the light of the world"

9th May 12.00 noon Matthew Simpson Psalm 23

2nd May 12.00 noon Stanley Kyle(Elder); Luke 23 26-49


25th April 6.15pm Nehemiah 8 v9-18 "Faithful Responding"

25th April 12.00 noon Thou shalt not covet

18th April 12.00 noon Thou shalt not bear false witness

11th April 12.00 noon Thou shalt not steal

4th April 6.15pm Nehemiah 6v15 "Faithful Completion"

4th April 12.00 noon Easter Sunday; Mark 15


28th March 12.00 noon Thou shalt not commit adultery

21st March 12.00 noon Honour thy Father & Mother

14th March 6.15pm Nehemiah 6 v1-14 “Faithful Perseverance”

14th March 12.00 noon PW Service

7th March 12.00 noon Thou shalt not murder


28th February 12.00 noon

21st February 6.15pm Nehemiah 4 v13-23 "Faithful Under Attack"

21st February 12.00 noon

14th February 12.00 noon

7th February 12.00 noon


31st January 6.15pm Nehemiah 2v11-20 "Faithful Inspection"

31st January 12.00 noon

24th January 12.00 noon

17th January 12.00 noon

10th January 2010 6.15 pm Nehemiah 1v1-4 "Faithful Concern"

10th January 2010 12.00 noon