International Mission: Partnering in Action and Christian Truth

(1 John 3 v 17-18)

 Areas of Work

  1. Directly engage with and support existing PCI and other Mission Organizations:
    • designated representative
    • regular contact, meeting invitations
    • practical help
  2. Support our Church workers
    • Derek Livingstone ( Coaching for Christ)
    • Stanley Kyle ( AWM and BCM)
  3. Engagement with the Persecuted Church
    • Release International / Open Doors
    • Prayer
    • Direct action ( letters, support for families, advocacy)
  4. Community Outreach
    • Food, heating, practical help
    • BCM – Somalian Community
  5. IMPACT Projects
    • widows and orphans
    • ongoing support
    • ASHA
    • VISPA
  6. IMPACT Teams
    • sending short term teams to do outreach and practical work
    • the aim is to expose our people to mission work in order to give a greater understanding, interest and passion.
  7. Ongoing Awareness
    • provide regular updates to Church on all of the above
    • biblical perspective on Church response to poverty, outreach and mission