The service will take a similar format to our previous drive-in service, including praise by Sophie Shiels and a testimony from a member of the church.

Attendance Guidelines

Due to the health risks caused by COVID-19 everyone in attendance must adhere to the guidelines below.

Before the service

  • Please note that we cannot provide any toilet or baby-care facilities.
  • At this stage, we are unable to collect financial offerings.
  • We will only admit fully enclosed vehicles such as cars, vans etc. Motorbikes and similar will not be admitted.
  • You must only travel to and attend with people from your own household, doing otherwise is against the law. Do not ask for a lift, or offer lifts to others.

During the service

  • You must remain inside the car that you arrived in at all times. Leaving your car for any purpose is against the law.
  • The only people outside of their cars will be those involved in the running of the service.
  • Please park at a safe distance from other vehicles, as directed by the stewards.
  • Only roll down the windows on the left side of your car, to ensure adequate social distancing.

After the service

  • Please leave immediately after the service ends, as directed by the stewards.

Order of Service

An Order of Service containing praise lyrics will be available from the stewards on the night, but we encourage you to print your own if possible.

Order of Service - 19 July 2020

Download Order of Service