1. All funerals conducted in our Church building will normally be limited to 50 people
    and families must provide a list of names and contact numbers of those who attend
    the service.
  2. Attendance to the funeral will be by invitation only and no announcement of the
    funeral arrangements should be made online, on social media or in the newspaper.
  3. The family must appoint two stewards for the funeral and they will be responsible
    for ensuring no more than 25 enter the Church building and that the contact details
    are correct.
  4. No order of service to be handed out (but may be left in pew).
  5. On entering everyone must sanitise their hands.
  6. Stewards will direct people to a pew and once seated they must remain in that pew
    until the close of the service. At all times a 2 metre social distance must be
    maintained from those outside your family.
  7. Face coverings must be worn by all who are attending the service unless they have a
    medical reason for not doing so. The Minister will not be wearing a face covering but
    will maintain a 4 metre social distance from the congregation.
  8. No funeral teas can be facilitated on our premises after the service.


Policy agreed on 8th September 2020

Updated (14/10/20): According to NI Executive restrictions, funeral services are now limited to 25 people with no pre- or post-funeral gatherings. These measures come into regulatory effect on Friday 16th October and will be in place for a period of four weeks.