Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women is for the ladies of our church family.

All ages welcome. Our membership can range from those in their twenties to those over eighty years of age.

We meet one Thursday of each month from October through to March and we have a varied programme of interesting speakers who come to share their faith and tell us about what they are doing for the Lord in His service. Throughout the year we also organise trips and other activities.

PW is a great way to get to know the ladies in the congregation and those already involved have found it a great blessing.

Over the years ladies who have been bereaved, had major surgery or other trauma in their lives have been especially blessed by the kindness of their friends in PW who have, not only prayed earnestly for them, but have also supported them by home visits, telephone calls and, in some cases, provided a welcome meal when necessary.

Between the months of April and September as many ladies as possible meet to pray for the ongoing work of the Church; this again has been a great blessing to all involved.

Upcoming Events

  1. - Presbyterian Women – Christmas Night
  2. - Presbyterian Women – Annual Dinner
  3. - Presbyterian Women
  4. - Presbyterian Women – Mission Focus
  5. - Presbyterian Women – Craft Night