Video Tips & Tricks

We've provided some handy tips and tricks for anyone wanting to record a children's lesson video.

Recording Videos


Try to get as much light into the location you are filming, this will help your camera produce a better image. Use natural light from a window if you can. But make sure the camera isn't pointing directly at the window, this may cause you to appear in silhouette. Even better go outside, if it's quiet enough and weather permits.


Built-in microphones may not capture your voice very well from far away, especially outside. Wind noise can also be an issue when shooting outdoors. Do a short trial run and check the sound is ok, and your voice can be heard without having to increase the volume to its maximum setting.

If using a phone or tablet to record your video, remember to turn on airplane mode to prevent unwanted vibrations/sounds.


If using a phone, make sure to position it horizontally, landscape videos are more versatile than portrait ones.

If possible, get the camera level with your eyeline. Stack boxes or books or whatever you have to create the height you need. Or simply get someone to hold the camera as steady as they can.

If you have notes to look at, place them directly above or below the camera lens. It will prevent you from having to look off to one side to see them.


If you're recording a video on your own, please pause for several seconds after starting the recording and before stopping the recording, this will allow the parts showing you reaching for the camera to be edited out. If you are able to edit your videos before submission, please do so. If not, and time permits, videos will be edited after submission.

If possible have someone else start and stop the recording for you to remove the need for the editing mentioned above.

Remember: These are all just pointers to use if you can. Don't be stressing if you aren't able to do them. The Gospel is no less true from a blurry camera phone as it is from a megachurch production.

Submitting Videos

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