Brookside: Virtual Church

Although we can no longer meet together,
we can still worship together.

COVID-19 has forced us to separate, but the church is still united as one body in Christ. We'll be uploading daily videos to encourage each other in these strange times, and to maintain a weekly church routine.

Social distancing doesn't mean we can't be close in Spirit.

Video Schedule
Adult DevotionsWeekdays, 10:00am
Children's LessonWeekdays, 11:00am
Midweek MeetingWednesday, 8:00pm
Morning ServiceSunday, 11:30am
Monday 1st June

The Story of Esther | Part 2

The story continues as Esther's cousin Mordecai overhears a plot to kill King Xerxes, and we are introduced to an evil man named Haman who despises Mordecai and his people.
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Monday 1st June

Romans in a Month | Part 2

Our studies in Romans continue with chapter 1v18-32, which explain how God's wrath is revealed to mankind because of its unrighteous suppression of the truth about its Creator.
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Sunday 31st May

Morning Worship

Rev. William Moody leads our virtual morning service, today's sermon is the first message in a new series exploring the book of Romans in a month.
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Friday 29th May

Playing Your Part

Richard shares the story of Naaman to explain how each of us can play an important part in sharing the Gospel and showing God's love.
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Friday 29th May

The Book of Esther | Part 10

We conclude our studies in Esther today, as we read to the end of the book. Queen Esther issues a decree for annual celebrations remembering the victory of the Jewish people. We too must remember God's victories.
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Thursday 28th May

God is Always Near Me

Liz shares another Bible Talk from the Bird Box, as she thinks about Psalm 27 and shares a song reminding believers not to fear because the God of Angel Armies is always by their side.
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Can you help?

If you would like to share your faith by recording a children's lesson we've got some tips & tricks for you.

Friends of VisPa Virtual Concert

With Sam Murray, Sylvia Burnside & Sophie Shiels

Friends of VisPa have released a virtual concert as part of their COVID-19/Flooding appeal. Please watch the video and consider donating in this time of great need.


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