Tuesday 19th January

God Talks, Will I Respond?

1 Samuel 3 tells the story of how a young boy named Samuel heard the voice of the LORD and responded by listening as a willing servant of God. It's important that we too respond when we hear God's voice when reading His word.
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Sunday 17th January

Crossing On High Ground

Today's story reminds us of God's awesome power over nature to stop the Jordan river and allow the Israelites to cross over safely into the Promised Land. Followed by a craft, song and memory verse to help us remember the many blessings we receive from God.
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Friday 15th January

Safe In The Father’s Hands

As we begin 2021, we realise more than ever that we simply don't know what the future holds. There's no way to predict the challenges or trials to come. But God's word promises we can face each day safe in the Father's hands.
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