Brookside: Virtual Church

Although we can no longer meet together,
we can still worship together.

COVID-19 has forced us to separate, but the church is still united as one body in Christ. We'll be uploading daily videos to encourage each other in these strange times, and to maintain a weekly church routine.

Social distancing doesn't mean we can't be close in Spirit.

Thursday 9th July

The Sheep & The Goats

Derek thinks about the two separate groups of people during the Final Judgement when Christ returns - the sheep who are saved and the goats who are lost. Which group will you be in?
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Tuesday 7th July

My Story: Derek Livingstone

Brookside member Derek Livingstone shares his testimony and explains how God brought him to saving faith in Christ and called him into sports ministry with Ambassadors Football.
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Sunday 5th July

Morning Worship

Rev. William Moody leads our virtual morning service. Today's sermon "The Man with the Noisy Spirit" is based on Mark 1 v21-28, and begins a new series looking at the miracles of Jesus.
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