Series: Christianity Explained

Friday 4th September

Christianity Explained | Part 6

Alongside repentance, being a Christian also requires faith. Believing God's word about our need of salvation, reaching out to accept Jesus as our savior, and following Him as our king day by day.
Thursday 3rd September

Christianity Explained | Part 5

Being a Christian involves repentance - turning away from our sin and turning towards God. Today we consider the practical implications of this repentance in the life of a Christian.
Wednesday 2nd September

Christianity Explored | Part 4

Today we consider how salvation becomes real in an individual's life, and how we can be certain of eternal life. Not through our efforts or good works but by the grace of God through Jesus Christ alone.
Sunday 30th August

Christianity Explained | Part 1

The first in a series of six talks explaining Christianity using the gospel of Mark. We begin by considering seven areas of authority that prove Jesus is the Son of God.