Series: Countdown to Christmas

Monday 28th December

Countdown to Christmas | Day 21

In Luke 2 v21-38 Jesus is presented at the temple in Jerusalem, and was praised by Simeon and Anna when they met Him. An example of how the Holy Spirit leads people to Christ so they can glorify their Saviour.
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Thursday 17th December

Countdown to Christmas | Day 15

Matthew 1 v1-17 documents Jesus' family tree which proves He was a real man from history and shows His rightful position as King of Israel by tracing his Jewish lineage back to King David. Have you acknowledged Jesus as your rightful king?
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Tuesday 15th December

Countdown to Christmas | Day 14

In Luke 1 v67-80 Zechariah gives a Spirit-filled prophecy of how Jesus will fulfil God's promise of a Saviour for His chosen people, as well as the role his own son John will play in preparing the way.
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Monday 14th December

Countdown to Christmas | Day 13

Luke 1 v57-66 details the reaction to the birth of John the Baptist. After an uncomfortable time of trial, his parents Elizabeth and Zechariah respond in obedience to God - a faithful witness that glorified God and impacted their community.
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Tuesday 8th December

Countdown to Christmas | Day 10

In Luke 1 v26-38 the angel Gabriel tells Mary how through the power of the Holy Spirit she would conceive and bear a son. The child would be great and holy and named Jesus, Son of the Most High God.
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Monday 7th December

Countdown to Christmas | Day 9

In Luke 1 v18-25 Zechariah struggles to believe that he will father John the Baptist in his old age. Despite his disbelief, God graciously fulfils His word and blesses Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth with a child as part of His salvation plan.
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Friday 4th December

Countdown to Christmas | Day 8

Luke 1 v5-17 foretells the birth of John the Baptist, a man filled with the Holy Spirit to play a role in God's salvation plan by preparing the way and pointing people towards their Lord and Saviour Jesus.
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Thursday 3rd December

Countdown to Christmas | Day 7

Luke 1 v1-4 introduces Luke's orderly first-hand account of what God accomplished through Jesus, a complied narrative that would allow readers to be certain concerning the truth of the things taught in the Gospels.
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Friday 27th November

Countdown to Christmas – Day 4

John 1 v11-13 explains why some people receive Jesus and believe in His name, and why others do not? Believers are given the right to become children of God, not born by human will but reborn by the will of God.
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