Series: Galatians

Monday 2nd November

Galatians 6 v11-18

Paul concludes his letter to the Galatians by once again rebuking those who boast in the outward sign of circumcision. It is only those who boast in the cross who are new creations in Christ and experience the peace, mercy and grace of God.
Friday 30th October

Galatians 6 v1-10

Paul exhorts believers to restore those who have fallen into sinful transgression, with gentleness and humility. He emphasizes that those who sow to the Spirit will reap eternal life, but those who sow to the flesh will reap corruption.
Thursday 29th October

Galatians 5 v22-23

The fruit of the Spirit are positive characteristics that grow out of true belief in Jesus Christ, they are visible in a believer's attitude towards the situations and people in their lives. Are these fruits evident in your life?
Tuesday 27th October

Galatians 5 v19-21

The works of the flesh include all forms of sexual sin, idolatry, sorcery, envious and spiteful attitudes that cause division, and activities that show a lack of self-control. Those who do not repent of such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.
Monday 26th October

Galatians 5 v16-26

Paul urges believers to walk in step with the Holy Spirit, and no longer gratify the old sinful desires of the flesh. He contrasts the works of the flesh against the fruits of the Spirit, and warns that those who continue do the former will not inherit the kingdom of God.
Friday 23rd October

Galatians 5 v6-15

Paul warns the Galatians about the dangers of divisions within the Church on secondary issues, and how a minority of believers can affect the majority. Our focus should be on loving one another through a shared faith in Christ.
Thursday 22nd October

Galatians 5 v1-5

Pauls warns those relying on the law to justify them are severed from Christ and have fallen away from His grace. It is only through the Spirit, by faith in Christ alone that we are made righteous before God. Salvation leads to good works, good works do not lead to salvation.
Wednesday 21st October

Galatians 5v6-15

Paul warns the Galatians about the dangers of divisions within the Church on secondary issues, and how a minority of believers can affect the majority. Our focus should be on loving one another through a shared faith in Christ.
Tuesday 20th October

Galatians 4 v21-31

Paul uses the example of Abraham's sons, Ishmael and Isaac, to warn against becoming legalistic in our thinking. He explains how faith in the law will bring slavery, but faith in Christ will bring freedom.
Monday 19th October

Galatians 4 v8-20

Paul's concern for the Galatians continues as he questions how they can turn back to the slavery of false teaching and flattery. He encourages them the remember their past love and commitment to the one true gospel of Christ.
Friday 16th October

Galatians 4 v1-7

Paul elaborates on the wonderful Biblical truth of adoption. Those who trust in Christ receive the Holy Spirit and are freed from slavery to sin, they are adopted as a child of God and become an heir to eternal life.
Thursday 15th October

Galatians 3 v21-29

Paul explains that the law is simply a sign that highlights our sinfulness and guilt, and points towards a needed Saviour. All those who trust in Christ are justified and adopted as God's children to inherit the blessings promised to Abraham.
Tuesday 13th October

Galatians 3 v15-20

Paul highlights God's covenant to Abraham and explains that Christ is the promised offspring that brought God's blessing to the world. His sacrifice on the cross fulfilled the temporary measures of the law, atoning for sin once and for all.
Monday 12th October

Galatians 3 v10-14

Paul warns that all who rely on keeping the law to be righteous will fail and be cursed by God, but Jesus took the curse of the law upon Himself when He died on the cross. It is faith in Christ alone that brings righteousness.
Friday 9th October

Galatians 3 v6-9

Paul explains that those who trust in Christ are spiritual children of Abraham - they are justified by their faith and share in the covenant blessing God promised to Abraham.
Thursday 8th October

Galatians 3 v1-6

Paul continues to correct the Galatian's confused understanding of salvation. He reminds them that their righteousness doesn't come through keeping God's law, but by hearing the Gospel in faith and trusting in Christ's sacrifice on the cross.
Tuesday 6th October

Galatians 2 v15-21

Paul explains how his life has been transformed through Christ, and how he now lives by faith in Christ's sacrifice on the cross. If man could be righteous by keeping the law, then Christ died for no reason.
Monday 5th October

Galatians 2v11-14

Paul speaks of how he opposed fellow apostle Peter, for his hypocritical and discouraging behaviour towards the young Gentile believers in Antioch. We too must ensure that our own conduct is not swayed by peer pressure by is always in step with the truth of the gospel.
Friday 2nd October

Galatians 2 v1-10

Paul continues his testimony to show that the gospel he proclaimed to the Gentiles was the same gospel proclaimed to the Jews by other apostles. Salvation does not depend on ritual or religious duty, but on faith in Jesus Christ.
Thursday 1st October

Galatians 1 v11-24

Paul continues to defend the one true gospel by sharing his testimony, to show the Galatians that he did not receive the gospel from any man but through the revelation of Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus.
Tuesday 29th September

Galatians 1 v6-10

Paul continues his letter by rebuking the Galatians for turning from the gospel. He clearly teaches there is only one true gospel that saves, and warns that anyone who would distort or dilute the gospel is deserving of hell.
Monday 28th September

Galatians 1 v1-5

Paul begins his letter to the churches in Galatia by highlighting the authority his words have as an apostle appointed by God. He greets the readers with grace and peace, which are only experienced through the Lord Jesus Christ, and concludes his introduction by glorifying God the Father.