Series: GENESIS: Beginnings

Friday 8th May

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 20

Genesis 11 v1-9 demonstrates the pride and rebellion of man, as they ignore God's word and attempt to build the Tower of Babel. But God lovingly intervenes to disperse mankind over the face of the earth and restrain their capacity for evil.
Thursday 7th May

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 19

Genesis 9v18 - 3v32 speak of Noah's sons Shem, Ham and Japheth and their family lines. It highlights the generational consequences of sin, and reminds us we are a flawed people with many failings.
Wednesday 6th May

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 18

In Genesis 9:1-17 God blesses Noah and his family and instructs them on how to live as they repopulate the earth. The passage ends as God creates the rainbow as a covenant sign to never again destroy the earth with a flood, a reminder of His everlasting mercy.
Tuesday 5th May

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 17

Genesis 8 speaks of Noah's family and the animals returning to dry land after more than a year inside the Ark, it demonstrates the importance of waiting on God's deliverance and then responding in thankful worship.
Monday 4th May

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 16

In Genesis 7 Noah's family act righteously on God's word as they enter the Ark, bringing salvation from the coming flood. But those outside the Ark, who ignored the warnings, perished in judgement. Have you come to seek God's protection yet?
Friday 1st May

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 15

Genesis 6 v9-22 explain God's intention to cleanse the Earth with a worldwide flood, and record the constructions plans given to Noah for an ark that would save him and his family from destruction. Salvation is only possible when we accept and obey God's plan.
Thursday 30th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 14

Genesis 6 v1-8 offers some interpretive challenges regarding the "sons of God" and the "Nephilim". Regardless of the interpretation, these verses highlight the growing corruption of a fallen people but end with hope as Noah finds favour in the eyes of the LORD.
Wednesday 29th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 13

Genesis 5 v1-31 contains a genealogy showing the godly line of Seth, today William focuses on notable characters such as Enoch, Methuselah and Noah and considers what we can learn from the lives of these men.
Tuesday 28th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 12

Genesis 4 v16-26 contrast two family lines. From Cain came a cultured but morally corrupt line, and from Seth, Eve's newest son, came a godly line which began to call upon the name of the LORD.
Monday 27th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 11

Genesis 4v8-16 records the first act of murder as Cain kills his brother Abel in a jealous rage, it also demonstrates the serious consequences of sin as Cain is left wandering outside of the presence of God.
Friday 24th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 10

Genesis 4 v1-7 introduce man's first offspring Cain and Abel, and highlights how not being faithful to God but choosing our own way leaves sin crouching at the door.
Thursday 23rd April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 9

Genesis 3 v20-24 demonstrates God's great mercy as the first steps of His salvation plan occur, steps which point towards the sacrifice of Jesus that would make a way back into God's holy presence and restore paradise lost.
Wednesday 22nd April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 8

Genesis 3 v14-19 speaks of three curses God gives in response to the fall of man into sin - to the serpent, to the woman Eve, and to her husband Adam.
Tuesday 21st April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 7

William reads Genesis 3 v7-13 and considers the consequences of sin, both the immediate impact it had on Adam and Eve and the inherited effects we experience today.
Monday 20th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 6

Genesis 3 v1-6 details the fall of humanity from its previous state of harmony, as the devil deceitfully causes Adam and Eve to question and disobey God's Word.
Friday 17th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 5

Genesis 2 v18-25 records the creation of the first woman as a fitting helper for man, it demonstrates the complementary roles of men and women and establishes God’s design for marriage.
Thursday 16th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 4

William reads Genesis 2 v4-17, and considers the initial peace and harmony that man experienced with the world and with his Creator.
Wednesday 15th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 3

Genesis 2 v1-3 speaks of God resting from all His work of creation, and how the Sabbath day is set apart for us to rest from our weekly work and devote ourselves to knowing and worshipping God.
Tuesday 14th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 2

Genesis 1 v26-31 focuses on the creation of mankind, as God’s lovingly creates man and woman in His own image with the purpose of loving, worshipping and knowing Him. Are you fulfilling that purpose?
Monday 13th April

GENESIS: Beginnings | Part 1

William begins a series of devotions in the book of Genesis. Today William reads the opening chapter of the Bible, and considers the power, wisdom and goodness displayed in God’s act of creation.