Series: The Book of Psalms

Friday 12th February

Psalm 4 – Joy in the Lord

Psalm 4 speaks of the peace and joy which is found in the Lord. The God of righteousness will hear our prayers when we call to Him in trust, He will give relief when we are in distress.
Thursday 11th February

Psalm 3 – Salvation Belongs to the Lord

Psalm 3 speaks of the salvation and blessing found in a relationship with God, and the security and peace His people have when they look to Christ instead of our focusing on our trials.
Tuesday 9th February

Psalm 2 – Kiss the Son

Psalm 2 speaks of rebellion against God's rule. Instead of opposing God we should surrender ourselves to Him, and "kiss the Son" in an act of allegiance to Christ.
Monday 8th February

Psalm 1 – The Path of Blessing

Psalm 1 speaks about the path of blessing experienced by those who delight in the law of the LORD and meditate upon it, but warns against those who walk in the ways of the wicked.