Series: The Life of Abraham

Tuesday 2nd March

Abraham: Rebekah Steps Out in Faith

In Genesis 24 v33-61 Rebekah steps out in faith by agreeing to marry Isaac. By trusting God's will and not her personal feelings Rebekah would experience a blessed marriage. God gives the best to those who leave the choice up to Him.
Friday 26th February

Abraham: The Burial of Sarah

In Genesis 23 v1-20 Abraham mourns as he buries his wife Sarah, but he didn't grief without hope as he knew she was laid to rest in the promised land of heaven. Let us labour in prayer for the salvation of our loved ones.
Thursday 25th February

Abraham: God Will Provide

In Genesis 22 v9-19 God provides a ram to take the place of Isaac as Abraham's sacrifice, another image pointing to Jesus - who took our place and became a perfect sacrifice for sin on the cross.
Monday 22nd February

Abraham: The Great Test

In Genesis 22 v1-5 Abraham's faith is tested greatly when God asks him to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac, an event which points towards the willing sacrifice of God's own Son Jesus on the cross.
Friday 19th February

Abraham: Example of Blessing

In Genesis 21 v22-34 Abimelech recognises God's blessing on Abraham's life, and they agree to deal kindly with one another in the future. Is our life and our dealings an example of God's blessing to others?
Thursday 18th February

Abraham: Family Conflict

Genesis 21 v8-21 shows the family conflict caused by Ishmael's treatment of his half-brother Isaac. An event which speaks of the division between those trusting in the law and those trusting in the gospel of grace.
Tuesday 16th February

Abraham: Laughter is Born

Genesis 21 v1-17 records the promised birth of Isaac to Abraham and Sarah, who had both laughed at the idea. Isaac's birth demonstrates that God's blessing comes not because we deserve it but because He is gracious.
Monday 15th February

Abraham: The Fear of Man

In Genesis 20 v10-18 Abraham defends his dishonesty towards Abimelech by confessing he was afraid of what might happen if he told the truth. May we never dishonour Christ by doing what we know is wrong because we fear man's reaction.
Friday 5th February

Abraham: Same Old Sin

In Genesis 20 v1-10 Abraham deceives king Abimelech, repeating the lie he told the Egyptian pharaoh back in chapter 12. But God lovingly preserves Abimelech and prevents him from unknowingly falling into sin.
Thursday 4th February

Abraham: Lot and His Daughters

Genesis 19 v30-38 record the shocking behaviour of Lot's daughters, an example of the sin that can occur when fear and isolation cause us to lose trust in God.
Tuesday 2nd February

Abraham: Escaping Sodom

Genesis 19 v10-29 record Lot's escape from Sodom before it is destroyed by God's fiery judgement. A reminder of the urgency and commitment we all need when fleeing our own sin.
Monday 1st February

Abraham: Immersed in Sodom

Genesis 19 v1-9 gives a shocking insight into the immorality of Sodom, and warns of how quickly Lot had become immersed in a sinful city he originally chose to live outside of.
Friday 29th January

Abraham: Interceding

In Genesis 18 v16-33 God reveals His plan to destroy the city of Sodom for its sinfulness, causing Abraham to pray and intercede on behalf of those facing God's judgement and wrath.
Thursday 28th January

Abraham: Three Visitors

In Genesis 18 v1-15 Abraham shows hospitality to three heavenly visitors, including the LORD Himself. God again shares the miraculous news that Sarah will soon bear a son in her old age.
Tuesday 26th January

Abraham: Gracious Blessing

In Genesis 17 v15-27 God promises Sarah and Abraham a son called Isaac, an example of God's gracious blessing despite their unfaithful actions with Hagar.
Monday 25th January

Abraham: Covenant Family

In Genesis 17 v7-14 God establishes an everlasting covenant not just with Abraham but his future offspring. A wonderful encouragement for Christian parents seeking to raise their children in the ways of the LORD.
Tuesday 19th January

Abraham: Lack of Faith

Genesis 16 v1-5 shows a lack of faith from Abraham, instead of patiently waiting on the LORD he foolishly attempts to fulfil God's promise of a child through his own efforts.
Monday 18th January

Abraham: The Covenant Confirmed

In Genesis 15 v1-21 God confirms His covenant with Abraham, and reassures him about his promised descendants. By trusting in the word of the LORD Abraham was counted righteous in God's sight.
Friday 15th January

Abraham: The Rescue

In Genesis 14 Abraham rescues his nephew Lot from captivity and receives a blessing from the mysterious priest king Melchizedek. We too should seek to rescue others from captivity to sin, and receive blessing from our priest king Jesus.
Thursday 14th January

Abraham: Seperation

Genesis 13 v1-18 records how a property dispute caused Abraham and his nephew Lot to part ways. An event that warns about the dangers of putting our material needs above our spiritual needs.
Tuesday 12th January

Abraham: In Egypt

Genesis 12 v10-20 shows even Abraham did not always obey God and faced the consequences. By neglecting God's will and trusting ourselves we too will forfeit His blessing for us and those around us.
Monday 11th January

Abraham: Stepping Out in Faith

Abraham was called to leave his old life and follow God's will so that through him all the families of the earth would be blessed. We can know God's blessing when we step out in faith and trust in Him.