Series: The Upper Room

Monday 22nd March

The Upper Room: Hated for Christ

John 15 v18-27 speaks of how Christ was hated without cause when He was on earth, and reminds Christian's that we too will face hatred from the world when they obey Jesus and fulfil his commands.
Friday 19th March

The Upper Room: Fruitful Friends

John 15 v8-17 shows how friendship with Christ and fruitfulness must go hand in hand. Only those who obey His commands will abide in his love and joy, and be able to effectively show God's love to others.
Tuesday 9th March

The Upper Room: Service & Betrayal

John 13 v12-30 explains how those who follow Christ's example of humble service will know spiritual blessing, but warns of the spiritual darkness that comes to those who betray Jesus.
Monday 8th March

The Upper Room: Cleansing Love

John 13 v1-11 display Jesus' cleansing love as He humbly washes the disciples' feet - a symbolic illustration of the spiritual cleansing and restoration that comes to those who confess their sins to Christ.