Series: Why do you need Jesus?

Friday 9th April

Why do you need Jesus? – The Response

To receive salvation, and be reconciled with the God who created us we must be spiritually reborn. This produces faith to trust in Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, and causes us to repent from our old life of sin. Have you responded in repentance and faith?
Thursday 8th April

Why do you need Jesus? – The Cross

What's so important about the death of Jesus? What implications does it have for each one of us? Why does each individual need to reflect deeply on their life and what Jesus has accomplished on the cross?
Wednesday 7th April

Why do you need Jesus? – Christ

The Bible, as well as secular history, affirm that Jesus was a man who actually lived, but was He also the Son of God as He claimed to be? And what reason would the Son of God have to come to this world?
Tuesday 6th April

Why do you need Jesus? – The Fall

All was in harmony, God, man and creation. Until the enemy steps in deceiving the woman whose disobedience leads to sin and the fall, and the consequences for every person since.
Monday 5th April

Why do you need Jesus? – Creation

The Bible tells us how we were made in God's image and have characteristics which cannot be explained by the atheist worldview. We were created with dignity, purpose and morality. We need Jesus because we were made to know and worship Him.