• Sunday School back online 25th April

  • Sunday School Quiz

    Sunday School have produced a quiz for boys and girls to complete during the current lockdown. Those who return to Sunday School with a correctly completed quiz sheet will get a mystery prize!

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  • Books of the Bible
    Activity Sheet

    Test your knowledge of the books of the Old Testament with our activity sheet.

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  • Prayer Focus April

    A monthly publication helping those connected to Scripture Union NI to pray daily for the work of the movement generally.

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  • Easter Monday Quiz

    Can you solve these anagrams of congregations in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland?

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Today's Devotional

Acts 13

Saul, Barnabas and John Mark travel to Cyprus and share the Gospel at the synagogues and throughout the island. They share the gospel with Sergius Paulus who would have been the Roman governor over the island. But they face opposition from the sorcerer Bar-Jesus…
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