Daily Devotional: Wednesday 11th March

by William Moody

Habakkuk 3:1–16

Habakkuk's Prayer

3:1 A prayer of Habakkuk the prophet, according to Shigionoth.

  O LORD, I have heard the report of you,
    and your work, O LORD, do I fear.
  In the midst of the years revive it;
    in the midst of the years make it known;
    in wrath remember mercy.
  God came from Teman,
    and the Holy One from Mount Paran. Selah
  His splendor covered the heavens,
    and the earth was full of his praise.
  His brightness was like the light;
    rays flashed from his hand;
    and there he veiled his power.
  Before him went pestilence,
    and plague followed at his heels.1
  He stood and measured the earth;
    he looked and shook the nations;
  then the eternal mountains were scattered;
    the everlasting hills sank low.
    His were the everlasting ways.
  I saw the tents of Cushan in affliction;
    the curtains of the land of Midian did tremble.
  Was your wrath against the rivers, O LORD?
    Was your anger against the rivers,
    or your indignation against the sea,
  when you rode on your horses,
    on your chariot of salvation?
  You stripped the sheath from your bow,
    calling for many arrows.2 Selah
    You split the earth with rivers.
10   The mountains saw you and writhed;
    the raging waters swept on;
  the deep gave forth its voice;
    it lifted its hands on high.
11   The sun and moon stood still in their place
    at the light of your arrows as they sped,
    at the flash of your glittering spear.
12   You marched through the earth in fury;
    you threshed the nations in anger.
13   You went out for the salvation of your people,
    for the salvation of your anointed.
  You crushed the head of the house of the wicked,
    laying him bare from thigh to neck.3 Selah
14   You pierced with his own arrows the heads of his warriors,
    who came like a whirlwind to scatter me,
    rejoicing as if to devour the poor in secret.
15   You trampled the sea with your horses,
    the surging of mighty waters.
16   I hear, and my body trembles;
    my lips quiver at the sound;
  rottenness enters into my bones;
    my legs tremble beneath me.
  Yet I will quietly wait for the day of trouble
    to come upon people who invade us.


[1] 3:5 Hebrew feet
[2] 3:9 The meaning of the Hebrew line is uncertain
[3] 3:13 The meaning of the Hebrew line is uncertain


We have seen in this prayer that three vital parts of prayer are:- a. humility, b. worship and c. petition. The next vital element of prayer which we now see in this prayer is meditation (v3-16). Meditation is filling our minds with the truth of God and what He has done. Meditation is taking our time to think about God and to talk to God about His nature and His ways. This was key to moving Habakkuk from doubting and fearing to praying with humility, worship and petition with faith.

Habakkuk’s meditation is based on God’s past glorious actions. Teman and Mount Paran were places that Israel passed through as they travelled to the Promised Land. (v3; see Deut. 32 v2).

The glory and brightness (v3-4) echo God revealing Himself at Mount Sinai. (Exodus 19 v16-21) The mention of the cloud covering God’s presence (Exod. 19) and God’s power being hidden (v4) reminds us that the full majesty of God is something mankind cannot cope with.

Verse 5 gives the picture of God as a mighty warrior, verse 6 speaks of how the whole earth is shook by God’s presence. Meditate on this God.

Scripture quotations are from the ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®),
copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.
Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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