Tuesday 13th October

Galatians 3 v15-20

Paul highlights God's covenant to Abraham and explains that Christ is the promised offspring that brought God's blessing to the world. His sacrifice on the cross fulfilled the temporary measures of the law, atoning for sin once and for all.
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Monday 12th October

Galatians 3 v10-14

Paul warns that all who rely on keeping the law to be righteous will fail and be cursed by God, but Jesus took the curse of the law upon Himself when He died on the cross. It is faith in Christ alone that brings righteousness.
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Friday 9th October

Galatians 3 v6-9

Paul explains that those who trust in Christ are spiritual children of Abraham - they are justified by their faith and share in the covenant blessing God promised to Abraham.
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Thursday 8th October

Galatians 3 v1-6

Paul continues to correct the Galatian's confused understanding of salvation. He reminds them that their righteousness doesn't come through keeping God's law, but by hearing the Gospel in faith and trusting in Christ's sacrifice on the cross.
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Wednesday 7th October

Lift Up Your Eyes

The stars above are vast and can sometimes make us feel insignificant. But Psalm 8 assures us we are significant - the same majestic God who created the night's sky also created man and cares for each one of us.
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Tuesday 6th October

Galatians 2 v15-21

Paul explains how his life has been transformed through Christ, and how he now lives by faith in Christ's sacrifice on the cross. If man could be righteous by keeping the law, then Christ died for no reason.
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