Daily Devotional Thursday 30th June 2022

by William Moody

Please read 2 Kings 25

King Zedekiah, who was the last king of Judah, rebels against the Babylonians who in turn come and lay siege to Jerusalem (v1-3). The siege lasted 1 ½ years and undoubtedly brought great hardship. When the city walls were breached King Zedekiah and some of his men made a run for it but were caught (v4-6). The last think the King saw before his eyes were cut out was the killing of his sons (v7). He is carried into exile in chains.

The temple in Jerusalem is destroyed and also the city walls (v9-10). All the people are carried into exile except a few of the lowest who are left to look after the crops (v11-12).

Here we see how seriously God takes sin and how terrible His judgment is. This is the same city that Jesus would weep over with tears. This was no light thing for the Lord to do, but He did it because of sin.

We have an account of the Governor appointed by the Babylonians Gedaliah being killed by the Jewish people (v22-26). But the book ends with a little ray of hope as King Jehoiachin is eventually released from prison and allowed to dine at the King of Babylon’s table. A little sign of better days ahead.

Scripture quotations are from the ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®),
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