Wednesday 8th April

The Final Week | Wednesday

Mark 14 v1-11 details the growing conspiracy to arrest Jesus, contrasted against the selfless act of one woman who anointed the Saviour with expensive perfume. Have you experienced the fragrant anointing of the Spirit of Christ in your life?
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Tuesday 7th April

The Final Week | Tuesday

Today we consider the Tuesday of Jesus' final week. William reads Mark 11 v20-33 during which Jesus teaches about the power of faithful prayer and has His authority challenged by the religious leaders of the temple.
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Monday 6th April

The Final Week | Monday

William begins a new series of devotions looking at the final week of Jesus' life. This morning he reads Mark 11 v12-19, which recounts the events of the Monday before Jesus died, and challenges us about the fruitfulness of our Christian life.
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Sunday 5th April

Evening Worship

Rev. William Moody leads our virtual evening service, which includes a sermon titled "The Writing on the Wall" based on Daniel 5 v1-31.
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